A Warm Welcome

SLA Illinois Chapter Members would like to welcome you to our state for the 2012 Annual Conference!

We will continue to add more videos periodically, so watch this space for more welcomes and more reasons to come to Chicago.

Welcome from Mary Lidd:

Welcome from Elizabeth Guillette-Khoodikians (Nalco):

Welcome from Alisun DeKock and the John G. Shedd Aquarium:

Welcome from Ann Lee (Dow Jones, Sales Director) and Molly Lee (Intuit Outsider Art Gallery Librarian and student, University of Illinois GSLIS):

Welcome from the Brookfield Zoo library:

Welcome from Lorene Kennard and Kristie Grzywinski:

Welcome from Margaret Quinlan, Sarah Kaufman, and Eileen Davenport:

Welcome from Jim Obst, Paty Schintgen, Susan Chenoweth, Anne Hengehold, Jane Candela, and Dianne Wiggins:

Welcome from Claudia Banks and Lori Guidry:

Welcome from Michelle Mayes:

Welcome from Julianne Kurtz and Jessica Geter
(and a plug for networking):

Welcome from the SLA Minnesota Chapter:

Welcome from Jill Postma, Adler Planetarium:

Welcome from Joanne Kiley:


3 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! I feel personally welcomed and am looking forward to meeting more SLA Chicago members in the videos first and then in person next July. Great job!

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  3. Great videos! I really liked Alisun’s with the white whale (???) and the one where the two women just met and introduce each other. They are all great. Thanks for taking the time!

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